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Making Of the new Armani Code campaign featuring Chris Pine.

Making Of the new Armani Code campaign featuring Chris Pine.

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this is a sneaking mission

_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎

i like to now think of this post as if all the people who reblogged it are sneaking along with me

just a trail of sneaking

_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ ₎₎

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Behind the Scenes at Idris Elba’s September 2014 Cover Shoot for Details magazine

Stop. It.

please don’t.

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days til a female-led Marvel movie.

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Abuela: mijo, te hago un sanwich?
Me: no, gracias abuela acabo de comer.
Abuela: te parto fruta?
Me: no, gracias.
Abuela: no quieres un jugo de naranja?
Me: no abuela.
Abuela: un vaso de agua?
Me: no, de veras estoy bien.
Abuela: come mierda pues.
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more like, i’m not touching this fic with a ten foot pole are you fucking kidding me

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Fuck, my tea.
—me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)